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Child Custody

Whether your family is facing child custody, visitation, paternity, child support, divorce, guardianship or modification issues, you deserve high-quality attorney and lawyer services at a low cost… and that’s what we can offer you.

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Child Support

Are you having trouble paying your child support? Do you need help establishing child support? Are you behind because its too high? Are your child support payments making it difficult to support your new family? CLICK ICON FOR MORE INFO

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Divorce is often a journey begun long before the paperwork is filed in court. We understand that each client is in various stages of the journey and do not approach domestic cases from a one-size fits all style of practice.

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Process: In most states, anyone interested in the proposed ward’s well-being can request a guardianship. An attorney is usually retained to file a petition for a hearing in the probate court in the proposed ward’s county of residence.

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Save up to 75% On Retainer and Hourly Rates. Flat rate affordable services

There’s nothing more important than family. Unfortunately, sometimes family and family care need a little help to function in a way that protects the interests of both children and parents alike when conflicts and problems arise. Affordable Family Law Attorney Network provides affordable, low-cost and flat-fee family law attorney services that don’t compromise on quality. Most family law and child custody cases can cost thousands of dollars to resolve with the high hourly attorney rates. We are not a law firm. However, we can provide you and your family with a solid system and process for preparing your case through the help of outsourced certified family law attorneys that are just as committed to providing affordable and quality service for family law as we are. We want this to be as low-stress as possible for you, and that means keeping costs down. You shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to clear up family law matters; they are already draining enough as it is. These kinds of family law related matters can have a taxing effect on everyone involved for years down the road. Using Affordable Family Law Attorney Network could save you from a load of headaches and thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Work with us and you could save 75% of the average cost for law firm retainer fees.

  • This service is for more complicated matters that need a Attorney of record. Most Affordable Attorney Hourly Services In The Country

  • For Family Law issues that are standard we have flat rate service package that includes Document Preparation and Limited Scope Court Representation

  • We use our case managers to make sure that the client and attorney stay in communication with each other. Our case management goal is to make sure the client is getting the best service possible. You will have access to your case manager when ever you have a question or concern. Our case managers provide a personal touch that separates our service from everyone else.

  • Our collective GOAL is to bring Justice to everyone with the most need. We provide a realistic affordable option for mothers and fathers to afford attorney services. Our clients are very important so making sure we can provide a service that is unique, professional and most importantly AFFORDABLE for all is our main GOAL!!!

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